Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just cut the toe off and throw it away

Just a quick update for the one or two people who still check in on this blog...I decided to have surgery on my toe, the greater joint of the big toe to be exact.

Back in March as I was preparing for the Zumbro 100 I was having some ankle and toe problems that became painful enough to be seen. Long story short...I have osteoarthritis in the greater joint of my big toe on my right foot. Bone spurs have created almost no space in the joint and little flexibility as well. Any time I bring my running miles up above about 25-30/wk it gets a little uncomfortable.

I am looking forward to being able to run more and walk around in bare feet on the beach (or in my house) with no pain. Looks like about 6-8 weeks back to running and back to work.

This season is a wash for me but if all goes well...I will be enjoying some late summer running and thoughts of planning for next year.

Good luck to all the runners heading to KM and FANS...looks like perfect weather!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still alive

Yes, I am still alive and running...just not sure how much I like blogging though.

I do enjoy writing my race reports as a way to record the experience from my perspective.

I think I will keep this blog going but I am not sure how much I will actually put up here outside of race reports...I do enjoy reading other blogs though.

For anyone out there checking in every so often...thanks and keep a lookout for race reports.

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