Thursday, December 30, 2010

The occasional blogger

I have come to the realization that I am an occasional blogger...very occasional.  But I guess that's how it is. 

Running has been up and down for the last few months.  With the sports hernia on hiatus, running has been OK, but the jury is still out on how it will react to an increase in mileage.  It seems that 25-30 miles a week works pretty well at this point.

Planning for 2011 is getting me excited about all the event opportunities.  The problem is choosing which ones and what distances.  Jumping into the Zumbro 100 first thing last spring may have been the wrong direction considering the injury.  The event was great and I would love another crack at it and maybe with some reasonable goals it could be doable.  Of course Superior 100 is always on the radar and if healthy, I would like to go back.

I would also like to thank a my friends at Brooks and PowerBar for sticking with me through the past year and into 2011.  I really appreciate the support!

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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